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The Zurda Fashion project is dedicated to the terminology of the fashion world. It will be useful not only for fashion designers, whose professional vocabulary is represented by more than 4,500 entries, but for everyone who is interested in fashion and style: fashion students, photographers, models, critics, writers, translators, shop assistants, fashionistas and dressmakers. 

Our publications are available in English in a paid and free version. The most widely spoken European languages will be added soon. The website and social network accounts are filled with a large number of photos from the collections of international designers, as well as tutorial videos to illustrate the terms.

But that's not all! Our users are offered a series of unique tests to drill the knowledge acquired by working with the dictionaries and glossaries. A digital educational certificate is issued to the successful students. The online format of the project allows a quick response to all the newest trends, as well as a constant improvement and extension of the content.

If you wish to suggest a new fashion term or cooperate with us, feel free to contact our team at

Speak the language of fashion with Zurda!

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