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Fashion glossary - Types of Wear $ 0.99

Fashion glossary - Types of Wear $ 0.99

Loungewear, athleisure, activewear, childrenswear, rainwear... We need different clothes at different times in our lives and on a large number of occasions. Men, women, children and even pets make their own demands on fashionable clothing, footwear and accessories. Let's sort through 45 definitions of wearing styles together. We picked up many images to identify each of them and help you see the difference.

Inside you will also find filters, a search engine and a possibility to make bookmarks for comfortable work with the vocabulary.

All proceeds from the sale of this dictionary will got to charitable projects in which we participate.

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This glossary is part of a large dictionary dedicated to the different types of garments.

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Language: English

Entries: 45

Images: 90

Edition: 2022


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