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Fashion drill num. 23 - Sustainable Fashion FREE

Fashion drill num. 23 - Sustainable Fashion FREE

Keep up with the times and take our free 20-question test on knowledge of the terms of sustainable fashion. Make sure you understand the definitions of conscious fashion, a biodegradable textile, greenwashing and vegan fashion correctly. 

Keep the correspondent glossary at hand to help you with the correct answer and use the opportunity to participate in charity activities.

Please keep in mind that our free drills do not qualify for an educational certificate. If you do need one, we suggest you run our 100-question test on fashion design and fashion business.

To start this online test, please add it to the shopping bag and check out. You will be asked to fill in a short registration form. Once you become a registered user, all the selected books and drills will be available in your account. The access is not time limited. You can return to the drill at any moment and repeat it as many times as you wish. 

Be reasonable, aware and responsible for your shopping habits!


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